The Grounds Bookstore & Cafe: a Bookstore, a Coffee Shop, a Mission.

When you choose The Grounds, you choose to give hope to our community and to valued human beings all around the world. All of our proceeds support the ministries and missions efforts of Mecklenburg Community Church, so when you choose The Grounds, you're choosing to make your purchases mean something. Almost all of our staff consists of hard-working, servant-hearted volunteers. We believe so much in The Grounds' mission that we offer up our precious time to serve you and bring you along on this adventure.

But The Grounds is more than just a place to make purchases. It's a vibrant community of people from all walks of life, in different places on their journey. We're a book club, we're a Storytime, we're a volunteer team, we're a coffee date with a friend. And we invite you to do life with us.

Thank you for supporting The Grounds Bookstore and Cafe.