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The Rise of the Nones


By James Emery White

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The single fastest-growing religious group of our time is those who check the box next to the word none on national surveys.

In America, this is 20 percent of the population.

And most churches are doing virtually nothing to reach them.

In this hard-hitting examination of our churches' current evangelism methods, which often result only in transfer growth--Christians moving from one church to another--rather than in reaching the nones, James Emery White calls us to discover the mission field right outside our doors. The pastor of a megachurch that is currently experiencing 70 percent of its growth from the unchurched, White knows how to reach this growing demographic, and here he shares his ministry strategies with concerned pastors and church leaders, answering questions like

· Exactly who are the unaffiliated?
· What caused this seismic shift in our culture?
· How can our churches reach these people?

If you long to see growth in your church that is the result of lost people entering into the family of God, this book is where you should start.

"In an era of increasing complexity and religious apathy, James Emery White has written a book that is helpful, informative, challenging, and timely. Those who care about communicating the gospel in this complex culture, and think that the church must regroup and re-engage, should read The Rise of the Nones." - Ed Stetzer, president, LifeWay Research

ISBN: 9780801016233

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Baker Books, 2014

Pages: 224