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Game of Thrones

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8-part series by Various Pastors and Speakers at Meck

The complete series is packaged in a box set. Individual messages are packaged in CD sleeves. 

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Justice. Honor. Glory.

For thousands of years kings have sought after these traits. The stories of kings are as old as history itself. The Bible is full of these age-old stories, and many of them are not as tame as we might think.

In this series we uncover several of these royal stories. They're stories of bravery and cowardice, peace and brutality, wisdom and regret. With each story we reveal how each king ultimately points to another King who is to come.

Individual Messages:

1- Jehoshaphat's Response (Steven Gompers)

2- Hezekiah's Trust (Casey Jordan)

3- Ahab's Lies (Robby Smernoff)

4- Hezekiah's Renewal (Grayson Pope)

5- Asa's Strength (Robby Smernoff)

6- Josiah's Victory (Jonathan White)

7- Saul's Forgetfulness (Alexis Drye)

8- Manasseh's Revelation (Steven Gompers)