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God's Top Ten

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10-part series by James Emery White

The complete series is packaged in a box set. Individual messages are packaged in CD sleeves.   


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We “top ten” everything, it seems. Top ten movies, top ten books, top ten vacation spots, top ten CDs. What if God were to put out a “top ten” list? Ten things that He wanted us to know, or do, or believe, or consider? Now that would be a list worth reading.

Well, He did.

For thousands of years the Ten Commandments have been mocked, ridiculed, abused, broken and misunderstood. Some would relegate them to the dustbin of history, as a relic of an old and repressive way of life. Bus is that accurate, or even fair? Are the Ten Commandments designed to suppress, or are they really God’s ten steps to life as it was meant to be lived?  James Emery White explores “God’s Top Ten List,” a look at the Ten Commandments as God’s ultimate road map for living.

Individual Messages: 

1- Put Me First

2- Make Sure It's Me

3- Take Me Seriously

4- Call for Time

5- Honor Your Parents

6- Respect Human Life

7- Stay Faithful

8- Acquire by the Rules

9- Tell the Truth

10- Be Content