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Learning from the Journey

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6-part series by various speakers at Meck

The complete series is packaged in a box set. Individual messages are packaged in CD sleeves.

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We've all thought it before: "Once I get that promotion, that car, that job, that spouse, that degree, that house...then I will have arrived." We are working so hard to get somewhere in life that the destination seems to be our sole focus. But what if it's not just the destination that's important? What if the journey is just as valuable, but because of our focus on the destination we miss key lessons and learnings along the way? "Learning from the Journey" explores the lives of people from the Bible who experienced life's bumps, setbacks, joys, failures and successes - and what they learned along the way.

Individual Messages:

1- Own Up (Robby Smernoff)

2- Testimonies (Alexis Drye, Grayson Pope, Meghan Macy)

3- Making a Significant Difference (Robby Smernoff)

4- Trust Me (Casey Jordan)

5- Action Steps to Wisdom (Steven Gompers)

6- Defining Moments (Grayson Pope)