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Life Verse

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6-part series by Rick Harwell, Ben Holden, Robby Smernoff and Steven Gompers.

The complete series is packaged in a box set. Individual messages are packaged in CD sleeves.                    

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Words are powerful. Some words mark an era, "I have a dream", some signal a beginning, "gentlemen start your engines", some an end, "rest in peace", and some have the power to change our life, "In the beginning". Just as these phrases have significance, there can be verses that impact our lives in very special and compelling ways. Listen as we explore six Bible verses, or better yet, life verses that might just make a mark on your life.

Individual Messages: 

1- The Deception Theory (Steven Gompers) 

2- Face   Forward (Robby Smernoff)

3- How We Present Ourselves to God (Ben Holden) 

4- An Open Honest Prayer (Robby Smernoff) 

5- The Word Became Flesh (Rick Harwell) 

6- The Heart of the Matter (Robby Smernoff)