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Parent Child Turning Points

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4-part series by James Emery White

The complete series is packaged in a box set. Individual messages are packaged in CD sleeves.   

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Whether you are a parent or the child of one - which means all of us - understanding the parenting dynamic as you go through the seasons of life is one of the most critical of life-skills to master. If you are a parent, you are probably overwhelmed with parenting information - but hunger for true parenting wisdom as your child grows and mature. You know that your parenting challenge changes as they age, but do you know how?

If you are a child, particularly high school and college, you are wanting freedom from your parents, as well as intimacy. Do you know how that best plays out? And for those past the parenting years, but perhaps reflecting back on your family of origin, understanding what did - and did not - go well can be a source of great insight and healing.

In this series, James Emery White - himself a father of four - looks back on twenty-two years of parenting and joins it with the rich wisdom of the Bible on the parent-child dynamic.

Individual Messages: 

1- When They Turn Two:  The Time to Shape the Will 

2- When They Turn Eight: The Time to Deepen the Relationship 

3- When They Turn Twelve: The Time to Focus on Communication  

4- When They Turn Eighteen: The Time to Let Go