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4-part series by James Emery White

The complete series is packaged in a box set. Individual messages are packaged in CD sleeves.         

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How do you relate to your...husband, wife, boss, co-worker, sister, brother, friend, neighbor, mother, father, teacher, classmate, daughter, son, teammate, in-law...

Let's face it. Relating to others is one of the most significant skills we need for this thing called life. God knows it, so He's given us four big relational principles that are so practical you can use them instantly to bring sanity and even health to your relational world.

Senior Pastor James Emery White brings the series "Relate" so that we can learn the Bible's best advice on how to win friends, succeed in our three most important personal relationships, resolve conflict with anyone, and stay in relationship with someone when doing so seems against the odds.

Individual Messages: 

1- How to Be Liked 

2- How to Act in Your Three Most Important Relationships 

3- How to Resolve Relational Conflict with Anyone 

4- How to Maintain a Relationship When it Seems Against the Odds