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4-part series by Ben Holden and Robby Smernoff

The complete series is packaged in a box set. Individual messages are packaged in CD sleeves.     

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One of the most powerful ideas in the Bible is that those who have fallen can be restored; that our God is the God of the second chance. In fact, most of the great stories of the Bible tell of men and women who experienced enormous failure and brokenness, only to find themselves on their feet and being met by a gracious God.

What patterns can we find in such lives? What can we learn about God? How can we apply these deep ideas to our missteps and setbacks?

Listen as we look at the lives and lessons of men and women who have experienced God's restorative power.

Individual Messages: 

1- Elijah (Ben Holden) 

2- Jonah (Ben Holden) 

3- Peter (Robby Smernoff) 

4- Saul (Robby Smernoff)