Social: Living Well with Other People

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8-part series by Various Meck Speakers

The complete series is packaged in a box set. Individual messages are packaged in CD sleeves. 

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Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. For many of us, our social status is measured by how "connected" we are; by how many friends or followers we've accumulated. Yet, despite our constant "connectedness," we often feel alone and isolated. What if our relationships could be more fulfilling? What if they could be deep and purposeful? In this series, we explore what God had in mind for our relationships and rediscover what it means to be "social."

Individual Messages:

1- A Different Kind of Community (Grayson Pope)

2- Breaking Down Cultural Divides (Steven Gompers)

3- The Power of a Lie (Chad Macy)

4- You Are the Church (Alexis Drye)

5- Transformative Grace (Robby Smernoff)

6- Building Up Others (Casey Jordan)

7- A Jerusalem Jerry Springer (Meghan Macy)

8- Selfie or Saint? (Jonathan White)