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The Real Secret

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3-part series by James Emery White

The complete series is packaged in a box set. Individual messages are packaged in CD sleeves.    

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"The Secret."  They say it's available to everyone - no matter who you are, no matter where you live.  They say that it's the answer to life's biggest questions. They say it will give you all you ever dreamed or desired. The book is a best seller. The DVD is flying off the shelves. Larry King and Oprah have given their stamp of approval.  But does this 'secret' really live up to its hype? What's the REAL secret?  Listen as Meck as we explore what the Bible says about unleashing the power of attitude in your life.

Individual Messages: 

1- The Attitude Principle: Why Attitudes Really Do Matter

2- The Attitude Choice: Life Change from the Inside Out

3- The Attitude Lie: The "Secret" Exposed