TTB7: Thru the Bible in 7 Weeks

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7-part series by Senior Pastor Jim White. 

The complete series is packaged in a box set. Individual messages are packaged in CD sleeves.  

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The most influential book in human history is, without a doubt, the collected writings known as the Bible. And while most of us would like to know what it says, we haven't read it. Or even taken a tour of it. And for good reason. Delving into the Bible can be a daunting task. But what if we could take a guided tour, walking through all 66 of its books, and helped to know how to dip into the most pivotal passages? That's what James Emery White's latest series, "Thru the Bible in 7 Weeks," is all about. Whether you listen to one week or all seven, you will gain insight and knowledge about the Bible in a way unlike any other.

Individual Messages:

1- Beginnings (Genesis-Deuteronomy)

2- The History Books

3- The Wisdom Books

4- The Prophets

5- The Gospels

6- The Letters

7- Revelation