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Ultimate Life Coaching: A 30-Day Experience

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4-part series by James Emery White

The complete series is packaged in a box set. Individual messages are packaged in CD sleeves.

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Life coaching has become nothing less than a phenomenon.  The Harvard Business Review reports that coaching is now a $1 billion a  year industry. People who work as "coaches" have a simple goal: to help  you advance your career, start life as an entrepreneur, or help you create a  better, more fulfilling life. A good coach will partner with you to  provoke thought and ignite a creative process that inspires you to reach your  full personal and professional potential. 

Sounds good, right?

The problem is that a lot of coaches haven't exactly coached themselves to  what they promise to deliver for us. Even more, how can we trust the  coaching itself? And isn't a lot of the coaching kind of superficial  - like a self-help book? What if I want to have coaching that goes deep  and is actually transforming?

If only we could get life coaching from God in the deepest, most  transforming areas of life. The areas that shape our twenty-four hour days, our  relationships, our families, our jobs.

That would be ultimate life coaching. 

Now we can. Senior Pastor Jim White brings the Bible's teaching, along  with more than thirty years experience as a life coach, to bear  in a way never packaged before. Based on clear biblical  principles, each weekend installment offers a clear and  distinct coaching tool that can be used to instantly diagnose a life and  ultimate life change.

Individual Messages: 

1- Wait on God

2- Do What You Are

3- Finding & Following God's Will

4- The Spirituality Grid